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            Latest Posts

            Art Life editor Andrew Frost likes to drive very long distances to see art. What he found in Castlemaine Victoria offers a few clues how regional arts events can reshape Australian art…

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            Fruit and meat don’t mix, except melon and prosciutto!

            Friday deguatstaion: an amuse-bouche before the weekend…?

            Quilty reviews, things you can’t talk about, museums art and money, urban exploration in HK, walk thru Van Gogh, wombats, Damien Hirst’s masterpiece …

            Lisa McCleary discusses her upcoming solos show at Gallery MC, eroticism, surfaces, sci-fi and insane amounts of hard work…

            If you’re the least bit aware of the state of the world, and its past and potential futures, then the ‘landscape’ would have to be one of the most problematic of all curatorial adventures.